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A change in the weather A change in the weather
Daito in Zen and the Art of Anything No umbrella
Togetherness Expressing gratitude
A Prayer for the Drought-Stricken Places July 2011. The U.S. Drought Monitor shows that 29 percent of the country is in drought. Texas and other southern states in the U.S. are suffering from an exceptionally extreme drought, which has dri…
Kabir in Original Blessing Do you have a body
Snow as cleansing energy A winter source of renewal.
A Non-verbal Prayer for Taming a Hurricane In late August and early September 2017, we have seen an unprecedented series of category 4 and 5 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. Harvey and Irma created massive damage when they …
Arctic A survival story that shifts gears into a spiritual parable about kindness and compassion.
It is raining in the month Savan It is raining in the month Savan
But What If We're Wrong? A joke about the weather that reveals our longing for things to stay the same.
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