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Women are on the front lines Women are on the front lines
Start with women's circles Start with women's circles
"A Woman's Place" - Lyrics A song that salutes the unity of women.
Pauli Murray Sermons and essays on justice for women and blacks by the first African American woman ordained by the Episcopal Church.
The Longings of Women A novel exploring the transformations set in motion when the lives of three different women intersect.
Sophia Caitlin Matthews on the meaning of the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine.
Mary Magdalen
A Sabbath Life Writes about midlife transformations and the spiritual practice of silence.
Blood, Bread, and Roses Surveys the significance of this riual upon human culture and consciousness.
Echoes of Paradise A riveting tale of spiritual transformation that dashes the myth of island paradises and the dream of an existence unencumbered by adult responsibilities.