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Mona Lisa Smile Pays tribute to a bohemian teacher who tests her idealism in the conservative milieu of Wellesley College.
Legally Blonde A buoyant comedy that proves that everyone has inner flair if we only take the time and interest to look closely.
Bread and Tulips Revolves around the adventures of an Italian housewife who decides to follow her heart by going to Venice.
A Cooler Climate Presents a fascinating look at how difficult it is for middle-agers to start their lives over from scratch.
Wisecracks A commendable job presenting the growing clout of female stand-up comedians.
Echoes of Paradise A riveting tale of spiritual transformation that dashes the myth of island paradises and the dream of an existence unencumbered by adult responsibilities.
Aliens Features Sigourney Weaver as a female Rambo with nurturing instincts.
Murphy's Romance A delightful romantic comedy about a widower and a single parent who learn to listen once again to the promptings of the hearts when love surprises them.
Coast to Coast A robust comedy offering plenty of humorous scenes.
Private Benjamin A comic fairy tale with a delightful performance by Goldie Hawn.