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The Inner Life of Martin Frost A fanciful and engaging metaphysical mystery about a writer, two beauties, love, and the challenges of the creative process.
Shakespeare in Love A beautifully realized tribute to the rush of imagination as one of the great creative force fields in the universe.
Finding Forrester The story of an unlikely friendship between a reclusive author and an academically gifted African American teenager, who turn out to be spiritual teachers for each other.
Time Regained The best way to savor this film is to let each vignette become an oar for rowing across the sea of Proust's memories.
The City of Your Final Destination A sophisticated drama about love and literary matters skillfully and sensitively directed by James Ivory.
Quills A witty and clever portrait of the Marquis de Sade's battle to express his creative soul in the face of repression.
The Hoax A fast-moving and highly dramatic depiction of Clifford Irving's media hoax of 1971 as a sign of the moral rot at the heart of American culture.
A Business Affair A lively parable about how some husbands under-appreciate the creativity of their wives.
The TV Set A writer's dismay at the dynamics of prime-time television in America with its sleazy programs and its slavery to ratings and ad dollars.
The Door in the Floor A mature treatment of sexuality, loss, and the emotional education of a young man.