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Robert W. Fuller in Somebodies and Nobodies Be ware of rank as an excuse for abuse.
Andrew Linzey A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Andrew Linzey, Anglican priest, write and advocate for animal rights.
Aldo Leopold in Writing from the Center Abuse land because we see it as a commodity
Somebodies and Nobodies A watershed work calling for a dignitarian movement based on reverence for the personhood of all people.
Spare the Child Charts the dire effects of corporeal punishment on private and public life in America.
Denise Linn in Sacred Legacies When you truly cross the threshold to forgiveness
Cell Phone Abuse You have purposely gone out of your way to find a quiet spot in the airport where you can read your book. But before you can blink, a man strolls up talking very loudly on his cell phone. He talks o…
Brian C. Taylor in Becoming Human We asked for their forgiveness as we welcomed them
Frances Vaughan in Shadows of the Sacred Soul loss is a loss of power
Sam Keen in To Love and Be Loved Our myopic fixation on romance and sex