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Resurrection Song Probes folk materials as a touchstone of the truest expression of black soulfulness.
Sobonfu Some A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to the spirituality of Sobonfu Some, teacher of African spirituality and founder of Ancestors Wisdom Spring.
Working the Spirit Examines the rituals of five different groups.
African Healing Dance with Wyoma Conveys the exuberance of ritual movement whether you choose to join in or just savor in your heart these embodied prayers.
African Religion Makes a strong case for recognizing African Religion as a world religion with its own distinctive view of the abundant life, reverencing God, and respecting the ancestors.
William Sloane Coffin in Credo As a man I consider myself
Kent Nerburn in The Wisdom of the Native Americans Silence as a practice of true politeness
Reinventing Christianity The first comprehensive survey of Christian theology in Africa to appear in English.
West African Religious Traditions Helps us to see and respect the complexity and depth of African religion.