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Mary Ann Petro in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Appreciation is yeast
Michael Lerner in Jewish Renewal Shabbat is for appreciation, for wonder
J. Brent Bill in Holy Silence Appreciation for the divinely mysterious presence
Jane Dobisz in One Hundred Days of Solitude Joy comes from appreciation
G. K. Chesterton in Enlightened by Design The aim of life is appreciation
Maria Jaoudi in Christian Mysticism East and West The appreciation of aging
Pema Chodron in The Places That Scare You A traditional aspiration for awakening appreciation
Sharon Salzberg in Lovingkindness Cultivating appreciation of our oneness with others
Jean Shinoda Bolen in Crones Don't Whine It's an appreciation of everyday grace
Mother Teresa in The Four Things That Matter Most More hunger for love than bread