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Ted Loder in Guerrillas of Grace Help me to believe in the beginnings
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in The Empty Chair The key is giving and doing
Spiritual Direction Examines some of the major themes and issues facing spiritual directors.
Beginnings Without End Charts the changes in his life and the openness that can keep us questing.
Back to Beginnings A little book is filled with philosophical gems.
Beginnings Without End Sam Keen on being open to the middle way or neither ecstasy or depression.
Dale Pendell in Life Prayers Start from where you are
Deng Ming-Dao in The Tao of Elvis Playing gets us back to the source
When the Well Runs Dry Thomas H. Green on the art of floating or swimming in our prayer life.
When the Well Runs Dry A classic Christian work that can be read and relied upon again and again.