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Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press A hard-hitting documentary exposing the multi-leveled attack on the media by the rich and the powerful.
Rick Hanson A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Rick Hanson, psychologist who writes about the value of contemplative practice.
Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot Richard Restak on networking as a fundamental operating principle of the human brain.
Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot 28 exercises for improving your cognitive abilities.
Elaine MacInnes in Zen Contemplation for Christians Silence stills the brain
Robert Bly in The Sibling Society The fantasies of the reptile brain.
Brain Wars Mario Beauregard proving the impressive capacities of the mind.
Brain Wars A call for a new paradigm of the role of consciousness in the universe.
The Altruistic Brain We are hardwired to do good.
Buddha's Brain A watershed work about how to transform the brain with the mind and spiritual practices.