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Ed McGaa (Eagle Man) A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Ed McGaa (Eagle Man), Oglala Sioux writer on Native American teachings and practitioner and ceremonial leader of traditiona…
Family Celebrations A splendid collection of toasts, poems, and prayers for family celebrations.
Family Celebrations Tim Myers' poem on transforming a new house into a home.
I'm in Charge of Celebrations A children's book that will inspire you to name your days and create your own celebrations.
New Traditions Susan Abel Lieberman on decorating a bush for holiday celebrations.
New Traditions A lively and wide selection of new traditions that can create family solidarity.
Robert Bly in The Sibling Society A person shares a name-day with a saint
How to Bury a Goldfish A down-to-earth and creative collection of 140 family and household rituals.
The Joy of Family Traditions A wonderful and diverse collection of family rituals, celebrations, holidays, and special occasions.
A Book of Uncommon Prayer Spunky, lyrical, and snappy informal prayers by one of the most imaginative souls in Christendom.