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Thomas Moore in The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life People's attachment to cities
Lawrence Kushner in Five Cities of Refuge Realize the holiness in everything
Hidden Cities A delightful exploration of the hidden and out-of-sight wonders of cities around the world.
Five Cities of Refuge Lawrence Kushner on the arrogance of the idea of closure.
Five Cities of Refuge Imaginative and soul-stretching interpretations of brief texts.
Scott Russell Sanders in Writing from the Center People addicted to private pleasure
Cities Are Good for You Leo Hollis on why we are hardwired to be together.
Cities Are Good for You Positive thoughts on the pleasures and complexities of city life.
Matthew Fox in Confessions I have tasted the Divine
New York, I Love You Eleven short films exploring love, the ties that bind people together, and the manifold mysteries of human nature.