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Jim Wallis in The Soul of Politics Most middle-class Americans don't believe
White Trash An engrossing historical work on the strange and long-lasting presence of class in American democracy.
The Death of the Liberal Class A vituperative critique of the death of the liberal class in America.
Mother Teresa in Mother Teresa: In My Own Words The revolution of love.
Class Action A two-fisted slugger, hammering across points about legal and familial ethics.
The Class A rounded and revealing portrait of a French teacher in a multiracial Parisian school and the challenges he faces in the classroom.
Mary Jo Leddy in Radical Gratitude Ingratitude is how sin takes shape within us
The Complacent Class An economist's take on why the United States is due for a Great Reset.
Joseph A. Grassi in Broken Bread And Broken Bodies Imitation of Christ is to break down barriers.