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Life of Crime A spunky character-driven caper flick based on a 1978 book by the late Elmore Leonard.
The Anatomy of Violence Thoughtful ideas on crime and neurocriminology.
Love Is the Perfect Crime A mesmerizing psychological thriller set in the majestic Swiss Alps.
Estelle Frankel in Sacred Therapy The mistakes man makes are not his greatest crime
True Crime A riveting and moral drama about an antihero who comes through despite all his flaws.
Love Crime A highly focused and well-directed French psychodrama set in the corporate world where power plays and competition can lead to disastrous events.
Jae Woong Kim in Polishing the Diamond, Enlightening the Mind Our realizations will illuminate our wisdom
Kathleen Norris in The Cloister Walk Hiding behind our fears
Peacemaking Circles A fine overview of this healing and transformative process.