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Ed McGaa (Eagle Man) A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Ed McGaa (Eagle Man), Oglala Sioux writer on Native American teachings and practitioner and ceremonial leader of traditiona…
Joseph M. Marshall III A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Joseph Marshall, a member of the Sicangu, storyteller and educator
Steven McFadden in Teach Us to Number Our Days True elders are people who have gracefully accepted
Joseph M. Marshall III in Keep Going All the elders had a way of using silence to speak for them.
Malidoma Patrice Some in The Healing Wisdom of Africa Elders are repositories of tribal knowledge and life experience
Joseph M. Marshall III in Walking with Grandfather Time to put the elders in the center of the village
Neale Donald Walsch in Meditations from Conversations With God It is the elders who know of truth, and life
Elders on Love A fine resource for facilitating intergenerational dialogue on love and the lessons of the heart.
Wisdomkeepers A collection of comments by Native American spiritual elders on history, rituals, dreams and visions, Earth, and much more.