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Wendy M. Wright A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Wendy M. Wright, professor of theology, expert on the Salesian tradition, and premier writer on family spirituality.
Muhammad in The Knowing Heart God is gentle and loves gentleness
Wendy M. Wright in Heart Speaks to Heart Gentleness and humility
John Yungblut in The Gentle Art of Spiritual Guidance It is the gentleness of compassion
Lao Tzu in The Tao of Elvis Gentleness is sensitivity to others and to truth
Henri J. M. Nouwen in Bread for the Journey Let's dress ourselves with gentleness
Musa Kazim Gulcur in Good Character Hilm means being inclined to gentleness and good
Leonardo Boff in Francis of Assisi The whole universe surrounding Saint Francis is surrounded by infinite gentleness
Janet, Pat Schaffran, Kozac in Honoring the Earth May the gentleness of spring rains
Thomas Merton in The Wonders of Solitude Deep solitude provides gentleness for loving