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Thich Nhat Hanh in Peace Begins Here Organize a peace conference
Starhawk in Webs of Power The fortitude to confront the powers that govern our world.
Ted Halstead in The Real State of the Union In a time characterized by constant job mobility
Bradford Keeney in Shamanic Christianity The most revolutionary act is to turn people on to music
Allan Hunt Badiner in Mindfulness in the Marketplace Buddhism is about changing consciousness
The Gifted Generation An edifying history lesson on when and why the U.S. government worked.
A Prayer for Political Parties O God of Diversity, we turn to you with the question: Is it time, as Ralph Nader and others have said many times, for a third political party in the United States to keep the two major parties hones…
Parker J. Palmer in The Active Life Just because something is impossible
Local Action Initiatives Recommendations for faith communities to get involved in community issues.
Dark Money An expose of how political campaigns are being funded with little or no disclosure of where the money is coming from.