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A Prayer in Support of Immigration Reform Voice of Freedom, many immigrants living in the United States have expressed the desire to become citizens. We understand and applaud their aspirations. Survey: 63% of Americans say they su…
Living "Illegal" Marie Friedmann Marquardt on how churches can play an important role in immigration reform.
Living "Illegal" A hard-hitting and thoughtful work on the lives of unauthorized immigrants.
Dream Chasers A cogent book that brings clarity and ethical sensitivity to a complicated and vexing topic.
Across the Sea of Time A vivid and dramatic portrait of New York past and present that will enchant and enthrall New Yorkers and tourists alike
The Class A rounded and revealing portrait of a French teacher in a multiracial Parisian school and the challenges he faces in the classroom.
Jesus Was a Migrant Deirdre Cornell on the communion line at church as a migration.
Amreeka The uplifting story of a resilient Palestinian mother and her son struggling to make a new life in America.
Sin Nombre A moving portrait of the arduous journey taken by poverty-stricken people from Central America through Mexico with their sights set on the United States.
Waiting for Happiness A spellbinding African film about the modern condition of rootlessness, a state experienced by millions around the globe.