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John Tarrant in Bring Me the Rhinoceros Koans encourage you
Brenda Shoshanna A profile with bibliography and distinct spiritual contributions of Brenda Shoshanna, psychologist and therapist, Zen practitioner, and counselor, speaker, and workshop leader on relationships and car…
The Flowing Bridge Astute and enlightening commentary on essential koans used by Zen masters with their students.
Bring Me the Rhinoceros Brings to life the practice of using enigmatic queries to encourage curiosity and uncover a hidden kindness in life.
Bring Me the Rhinoceros John Tarrant on the meaning of not picking and choosing but accepting what's happening as right.
Nothing is Hidden An explanation of koan practice to let go of the intellect and other cumbersome impediments to wholeness.
Zen Echoes Zen commentaries reflecting ways to live every day by three female Zen Masters.
John Tarrant in Bring Me the Rhinoceros Sometimes it might be useful
The Diamond Sutra Commentary on this Buddhist religious classic.
The Flowing Bridge Elaine MacInnes with a story about teachers and opening one's ears to nature.