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Shaun McNiff in Creating with Others Contribute to the creative teamwork
The Good Society A richly developed public philosophy as a follow-up to his bestselling 1985 volume.
The Rosicrucian Enlightenment Revisited Sheds light on the historical background of this enlightenment movement.
House of Cards A fascinating 13-episode drama about a power politician in Washington who puts into play a plan for his future that brings a lot hurt to others.
Gary Zukav in Soul to Soul Meditations Openness to others is love
Anton Chekhov in Approaching Eye Level Others made me a slave
Benedicta Ward in The Sayings of the Desert Fathers Do not compare yourself to others
Robert Thurman in The Jewel Tree of Tibet Every human being needs love from others
Frederick Franck in What Matters Contempt and animosity towards the others
Etty Hillesum in God-Birthing I shall be of use to others as well