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Joan Halifax in For a Future to Be Possible The precepts also have their shadow.
Taitetsu Unno in River of Fire, River of Water Self-cultivation disciplines builds character
Geri Larkin in Plant Seed, Pull Weed Opening up our view
Lewis B. Smedes in My God and I I needed to explore, to wonder, to doubt
Joan Chittister in In Search of Belief We want a glimpse of God here and now
Practice to Create Peace in the Heart Story of how a Buddhist community recited the Refuges and the Precepts after 9/11 and instructions for this practice on the anniversary of that event.
Jakusho Kwong in No Beginning, No End Don't kill your Buddha Nature
Buddhism - Zen The best of the best of our resources on Zen Buddhism.
Patrick Henry in The Ironic Christian's Companion Imagination tells us more about God
Buddhism - Tibetan The best of the best of our resources on Tibetan Buddhism.