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Brenda Peterson in Singing to the Sound It is never too late to
Lenca Shaman in We Walk the Path Together You will hear the pine tree singing to God
William J. Bausch in Singing the Soul Back Home When you can see each leaf as a separate thing
Bradford Keeney in Shaking Medicine Ecstatic singing is a direct passage to transformational experience
Singing Meditation A fascinating and inspiring primer on the spiritual practice of singing meditation ad the basics of starting a group.
Singing Meditation Ruthie Rosauer and Liz Hill affirming the spiritual benefits of singing sacred songs together in a group.
Free Your Voice Silvia Nakkach on singing as the most ancient healing art.
Imperfect Harmony Stacy Horn on the emotional and physical benefits of singing.
Imperfect Harmony A church choir member's testimony to the value of singing with a group.
Free Your Voice A good case for a Yoga of the Voice and its practices.