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Phil Cousineau A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Phil Cousineau, a Cultural historian and adventure tour leader.
The Tao of Sports Eighty-one short meditations that relate Taoism's truths (balance, harmony, humility, etc.) to sports.
George Sheehan in Going the Distance The blood sports show that death is not defeat.
In the Zone Pins down those elements that open the door to spirituality.
Playing in the Zone A dazzling look at the spiritual meaning in sports.
How to Avoid Polarization in Sports and Politics We don't attend many baseball games but we took some relatives to see a Yankees game. When someone in the crowd yelled in celebration of the opposing team, he was booed down and then pelted with a t…
Overplayed An expose of dangerous myths about young children and sports.
Michael Lerner in The Politics of Meaning Music and dance can express the isolated individualism of our contemporary world.
Phil Cousineau in The Olympic Odyssey The miraculous force that animates all