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Buddhist Teaching Story in The Wisdom of Yoga A dog stumbles across a bone
Barbershop An entertaining drama about an African-American barbershop owner who makes the startling discovery that true wealth comes from investing in others.
Keepers of the Story Tony Cowan with a teaching story about yearning.
Michel de Montaigne in Your Life as Story Man has within himself the entire human condition
Michael Morwood in Praying a New Story May we grow in respect for religious differences
Michael Morwood in Praying a New Story Jesus challenges us to look into our hearts
Michael Morwood in Praying a New Story We believe in God present and active
Anthony de Mello in More One Minute Nonsense When I throws myself into the hash
Christ All Merciful A Zen teaching story from Japan on the spiritual practice of you.
Send My Roots Rain Megan McKenna with a teaching story on transformation.