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Terry Tempest Williams A profile with bibliography, quotes sampler, and lists of resources demonstrating the distinctive contribution to spirituality of Terry Tempest Williams, author, naturalist, and environmental activist…
Thomas Merton in The Sun and Moon Over Assisi The wilderness of compassion
Emilie Griffin in Wilderness Time To will one thing is to will over and over
John Muir in Pilgrim Heart All wilderness seems to be of tricks and plans
Joanne Elizabeth Lauck in The Voice of the Infinite in the Small Our "primitive" or "wilderness" self.
Mary C. Earle in The Desert Mothers Their lives were marked by a desire to listen deeply.
Wilderness Time Counsels us to create oases in our lives to commune with God in devotion and silence.
Wilderness Time Emilie Griffin on using prayer box contents to remember to pray.
Sam Keen in Sightings I slipped into a state of grace in which I felt honored by a magical being
The Wisdom of Wilderness Gerald G. May on understanding the power of fear.