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What People Are Saying Comments by past subscribers to Spirituality & Practice E-Courses, Online Retreats, and Practice Circles
Trouble Subscribing Helpful advice if you are having an issue registering for one of our E-Courses.
Changing Your Avatar A short video and illustrated steps.
Practicing Spirituality with Thomas Moore Ways to care for your soul through teachings steeped in mythology, psychology, and philosophy.
Practicing Spirituality in Nature A celebration of the Divine in the natural world.
Practicing Spirituality with Friends An exploration of the recurring challenges and enduring rewards of friendship.
What Are the E-Course Practice Suggestions? An explanation of the types of practices we teach and recommend.
Practicing Spirituality with Pema Chodron Teachings on cultivating compassion and joy from a very popular Buddhist writer with an accessible style.
Practicing Spirituality with Rumi An opportunity to polish your heart with the poetry of the Sufi master.
The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers Wisdom from people of God who lived out a spirituality that still resonates strongly for us today.