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Living Zen, Loving God On self-emptying as a spiritual practice in the traditions of Zen Buddhism and Christianity, a process that leads to transformation.
Compassion Christina Feldman's guided meditation on compassion.
The Essential Rumi An excerpt on Rumi and the moving meditation done by Mevlevi dervishes.
Silence Christiana Feldman with an exploration of the breadth and depths of the spiritual practice of silence.
Compassion Christina Feldman's guided meditations on having compassion for yourself and for all beings.
True Refuge Tara Brach on the importance of always remembering the greatest thing.
The Almost Daily eMOs Barbara Cawthorne Crafton's meditation on the devotional meaning of Pentecost.
Return to Stillness Illustrates the difficulties we all have with the rigorous discipline of practice.
Remembering O-Sensei Susan Perry on O'Sensei's description of the nonviolent nature of the martial art of Aikido.
Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening Kay Lindahl's meditation on the art of developing better listening skills.