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The Old Tea Seller A poem by seventeenth century Zen priest, poet, and tea seller Baisao (collected by Norman Waddell) about silence.
Psalms for Praying Nan C. Merrill's poetic rendition of Psalm 41.
The Ecstasies of St. Francis John Ryan Haule on St. Francis' practice of poverty as a technique of ecstasy.
Faith Works Jim Wallis on the spiritual practice of justice in service to the poor.
Think and Act Anew Larry Snyder on how poverty surrounds us everywhere in the new economic reality.
Meal by Meal Donald Altman on being kind with our leftover food.
Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Metropolitan Anthony shares a bout Martin Buber with a teaching story about the riches that ensue from faith in a loving God.
Fasting Scott McKnight on the benefits of fasting for a day to open our eyes to suffering of the poor and hungry.
Spiritual Writings on Mary Megan McKenna on Our Lady of Guadalupe on compassion (from book edited by Mary ford-Grabowsky).
Let Your Life Speak Parker Palmer on being authentic and loving.