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Birthday of Margaret Mead Honoring the anthropologist who insisted on the value of human diversity.
Birthday of Harry Chapin (PDP) Remembering the singer/songwriter whose story songs focused on the challenges facing Americans.
Go to the Earth in the Morning A ceremony of living, of being, and of remembering your connections.
Realizing Emptiness and Connection An analytical or observational meditation to develop wisdom.
Birthday of Vandana Shiva Honoring the Indian scholar, author, and eco-feminist who believes that whoever controls seed controls the Earth.
My Life as a Prayer Creating a basket to hold your prayers.
Arba'een Commemorating the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.
Dog Lessons Finding spiritual wisdom in a canine companion.
National Dog Day Quotes, teaching stories, book recommendations to honor these animals and the shelters and humane organizations that work for their welfare, plus our 25 favorite DVDs about dogs
Past Lives What happens when three spiritually mature adults make a love triangle?