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You Are Never Alone A joyously loving book about the myriad of natural connections that support and sustain us.
Everyday Politics A cogent, enlightening, and bold vision of democracy that transcends partisan politics and business-as-usual.
Ad Astra A thought-provoking parabolic science fiction film about the transformation of an astronaut hobbled by a wounded feeling function.
I'll Ask You Three Times, Are You Ok? Another fine example of Nye's special gift for accentuating everyday spirituality.
Aga Visually stunning portrait of the spiritual struggles of indigenous people to survive.
Give Me Liberty A frantic exploration of community forming amidst chaos.
Boring Holes A reflection on how our actions affect the lives of others.
Verses for Zen Buddhist Practice Vows for daily practice of attention, connection, devotion, reverence and mystery.
Mutual Dependence A teaching story about mutual dependence and the unknown effects of our actions.
Your Life My Life Observations on what connects all life.