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D. Patrick Miller in A Little Book of Forgiveness Never forget that to forgive yourself
Anthony de Mello in The Heart of the Enlightened Have you forgiven?
Inspiring Forgiveness A well-curated collection of quotes, poems, and stories on forgiveness.
Achieving a Truly Forgiving Heart A week-long practice for transforming your heart.
Our Rich Nation A supplication for forgiveness for our failures and help to do what is right.
Jirga A powerful story of a soldier seeking forgiveness and to make amends for a war crime in an Afghan village.
Asking for Forgiveness Wisdom on why it's good to routinely ask for forgiveness.
As Long As The Candle Is Burning A teaching story that illustrates the value of reconciling, making peace, giving charity, and helping others while we can.
Wrong Number Observations on the value of forgiving others for small infractions.
The Way of Forgiveness Joyce Rupp on sour memories catalyzing the practice of forgiveness.