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Repentance and Return to Unity A nightly practice of accountability to achieve the deeper dimensions of tawba.
D. Patrick Miller in A Little Book of Forgiveness Never forget that to forgive yourself
Anthony de Mello in The Heart of the Enlightened Have you forgiven?
Inspiring Forgiveness A well-curated collection of quotes, poems, and stories on forgiveness.
Achieving a Truly Forgiving Heart A week-long practice for transforming your heart.
Our Rich Nation A supplication for forgiveness for our failures and help to do what is right.
Jirga A powerful story of a soldier seeking forgiveness and to make amends for a war crime in an Afghan village.
Asking for Forgiveness Wisdom on why it's good to routinely ask for forgiveness.
As Long As The Candle Is Burning A teaching story that illustrates the value of reconciling, making peace, giving charity, and helping others while we can.
Wrong Number Observations on the value of forgiving others for small infractions.