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Day of Arafah Special supplications for the holiest day of the Islamic year.
Reminders Jack Kornfield's recommendation to follow the example of the Babemba tribe's forgiveness ritual.
A Spirit of Forgiveness A six-step forgiveness meditation to practice when you are feeling wounded by someone else's words or deeds.
Tawba A practice for accepting our mistakes and moving through them to God's forgiveness, mercy, and truth.
Forgiveness A guided meditation for forgiving those who have caused us pain.
I Hereby Forgive A forgiveness prayer to wipe the slate clean.
Forgive Me A prompt to pray during every elevator ride.
Dusk Night Dawn An honest look at our dual citizenship as humans: perfect and neurotic.
Set Us Free A prayer for forgiveness and letting go.
Forgive Them A daily meditation and prayer on forgiving our enemies.