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Grateful Checkbook Balancing Viewing money as part of the spiritual universe.
Thank You, God Lyrical prayers of thanks for what is nearest and dearest to us.
Hurai Blessing A shamanic chant to call down blessings and attract them to you.
Thanksgiving A teaching story and other resources for exploring the spiritual practice of gratitude.
A Humble Awareness of Others Daily practices for cultivating humility and gratitude.
Guardian Angels Day A special day to give thanks to guardian angels for being in our lives and watching over us.
Anniversary of the First Lunar Landing (PDP) A commemoration of landing on the moon by Neil A. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
The Moon Is a Ball Endearing tales of two (nearly) inseparable friends.
Summer Solstice A Summer Solstice (Coming of Summer) celebration with prayer by Edward Hays
Annual Sense of Smell Day A celebration of your amazing ability to smell.