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Sophia's Guidance A journal exercise for receiving Sophia's guidance and wisdom.
How to Practice Democracy at a Family Dinner or Reunion Suggestions from a group of spiritual leaders about how to handle this common situation when those of different opinions and worldviews may be present.
Denise Linn in The Secret Language of Signs Messenger signs can come on the waft of a candle's smoke
Joan Halifax in The Fruitful Darkness The survival of human beings
Marion Woodman in Conscious Femininity When the body is finally listened to
Linda Weltner in No Place Like Home My dad always used to say
Eugene Kennedy in On Being a Friend Death is by no means separate from life
Kat Duff in The Alchemy of Illness My body has taught me many things
Sam Keen in The Passionate Life I suspect we are all recipients of cosmic love
Perhaps the most important thing Perhaps the most important thing