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Jonathan Ellerby Biographical profile of a contributor to Spirituality & Practice
Labor Day Honoring workers and the meaning in work through reflections, taking an e-course, talking about images of work in movies, and prayer.
Medicine Walk The dawning of a son's understanding of his father.
The Junior Astrologer's Handbook A caringly crafted guide to spiritual practices based on your natal chart.
The God Committee A provocative drama about the ethical questions involved in choosing an organ transplant recipient.
The Apocryphal Gospels Alternative versions of the story of Christ.
Saint Hildegard Presents Hildegard of Bingen as a wise teacher available for personal spiritual direction.
Sovereign Self A reminder that this world is an enchanted show.
The Meaning of Life in the World Religions Joseph Runzo on the value and wisdom of the world's religions.
The Best Spiritual Books of 2020 Our roundup of the best books of the year.