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Memorial Day Prayers of remembrance for those who died in many wars and for reconciliation with those who also try to keep the peace in their own ways.
Windows to the Soul A collection of short pieces of wisdom to nourish your soul.
Peaceful Heart A substantive look at how patience can be an antidote to aggression and help us maintain a peaceful heart.
Forgive Them A prayer for those who have harmed us that Palestinian Christian peace worker Elias Chacour learned from his father.
Be Happy Mantras for the well-being of all the creation.
Worried? Resources That Speak to Your Condition
Conflict Resolution Day Promoting awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation, and other creative, peaceful means of resolving conflict.
Writing Straight with Crooked Lines: Stories from the life of the peace activist and Eastern Orthodox writer.
Cultivating Equanimity Phrases to use to create a balance between compassion and equanimity.
Real Change A lesson from the Buddha on how to cross a flood of obstacles.