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We All Play A celebration from an indigenous perspective of the kinship between children and animals.
Loving Laughter A prayer for the gift of healing and loving laughter.
Purim A celebration with cookies, a biblical story, noisemakers, and a chance to laugh at our enemies and ourselves.
Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace Seven focus themes for the prayers of holy fools that emerge from the life and writings of and about St. Francis and Brother Juniper.
The Queen's Gambit A gripping miniseries revolving around a young woman's success in the previously all-male world of chess tournaments due to her determination, persistent study, and a little help from her friends.
Bradford Keeney in Everyday Soul One of the most powerful and effective ways of altering and undoing the routines of your life
George Santayana in Soliloquies in England and Later Soliloquies A buoyant and full-blooded soul
Laughter Yoga Techniques to encourage the profound health benefits of unconditional laughter.
Laughter Yoga Summary of the benefits of laughing through challenging times.
Films about Baseball A collection showing the place this sport holds in our hearts and our culture.