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The Green Knight An epic reimagining of a poetic classic.
Medicine Walk An outward and inward pilgrimage towards wisdom, understanding, and forgiveness.
One Drum Indigenous ceremonies and wisdom from an Ojibway teacher, accessible for any spiritual seeker.
Julian of Norwich, Theologian Exemplary examination of theological themes in the writings of an important late medieval English woman.
Julian of Norwich, Theologian On the paradox of allowing God's grace to draw us even while we work to repossess our desire for God.
Spirit of the Cheetah A coming-of-age story about developing patience, grace, and swiftness.
Saint Hildegard A description of what becoming a friend of God entails.
Pillars How questions about belief led to deeper searching and understanding.
Sacred Inquiry Adyashanti's approach to answering people's questions in light of his understanding of sacred inquiry.
Sacred Inquiry Questing and openness are family.