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Winter Solstice Getting in touch with the deeper meanings of the Winter Solstice through readings, practices, poems, and prayers.
Human Rights Day Make vow, read up on a cause, sensitize your self with documentaries about on human rights to observe the anniversary of the issuance of the United Nations' Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
Birthday of Thomas Berry (PDP) A celebration of the Passionist priest, leading cultural historian, religious scholar, and self-identified “geologian.”
Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi Ways to honor and follow St. Francis of Assisi, including practicing gratitude and spending quality time with an animal, plus video clips, a movie, readings, and prayers.
Birthday of Wendell Berry (PDP) Honoring the farmer, ecologist, cultural critic, teacher, and prolific author who reminds us of the value of living close to the land.
Birthday of Issa Read haiku in honor of the Japanese poet who wrote hundreds of poems about bugs.
Birthday of Gary Snyder Lessons to learn from the poet about truly loving the planet.
Be Kind to Animals Week Things to do and think about during the annual week-long celebration of the important role animals play in our lives.
Awe Revering the natural world.
Praying with the Earth at Dawn Awakening to the light of Spirit as it illuminates matter.