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Widow of Silence An ethically charged and mesmerizing movie about the unusual and yet predictable challenges faced by a half-widow in Kashmir.
Gunilla Norris in Sharing Silence When we make a place for silence
Scott Russell Sanders in Staying Put Nothing less than the undivided universe
The Sound of Silence A creative exploration of the interactions between humans and the sounds of the things around them.
A Day of Silence Recommendations for spending a day in silence and stillness.
Children's Ears in Nature Guidance for exploring the sense of hearing with your child in nature.
The Silence Slips In An appealing depiction of the Silence as a gentle and protective creature who can be called when needed.
Centering Prayer as Practice and Process Essential teachings on establishing or renewing this method of contemplative prayer.
Prayers for Hard Times Thomas Merton with an immersive form of prayer that fills all of life.
Silence A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of silence.