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Transformation through Ritual (December 18) An interactive three-hour workshop where you will learn how to create transformative rituals, including one to consciously welcome the new year..
Tuesdays in Jail A memoir showing how we’re all imprisoned by something.
Carmen Jubilant movie about a middle-aged woman who has spent her life serving the church and finds a new more fulfilling way forward.
Following Bad Deeds with Good Ones Jeffrey Hopkins' four steps to transforming our mistakes.
Three Objects Lojong An aphorism and contemplation for turning the causes of suffering into seeds of virtue.
Thought Transformation A meditation on Thousand-Arm Chenrezig and The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation.
Give Up Trying A call to the introspection that will help you 'do' rather than 'try.'
Between the Listening and the Telling The need for stories that help men express the pain they feel.
Hitbodedut A prayer practice to release and make space for a renewed spirit.
Retiring A teaching and practices for creativity and vitality in retirement.