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Calling the Four Archangels A bedtime meditation for calling upon the archangels and the sacred feminine.
Connecting to a Guardian Angel A meditation for resting in a visual or felt sense of your guardian angel and the arms of the Beloved.
For Agnostics An expression of respect for mystery, uncertainty, and not knowing.
What Do We Know about the Kraken? An exploration of the myths and marvels of sea monsters.
Lent with the Mystics (February 14 - March 27) An exploration of the great themes of Lent through the lens primarily (but not exclusively) of the Christian mystics.
Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer A creative portrait of a lover of Mystery.
Sylvie and the Wolf A story about how fear can trick our minds until we have the courage to look closely.
Note To a Spiritual Skeptic An invitation to journey together.
Birthday of John Cage A spiritual practice to cure boredom from the composer who challenged us to be more hospitable and alert to the music going on all around us.
Isaac Luria Day Help to repair the world by raising divine sparks as recommended by this Jewish mystic.