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Election Day (U.S.) (PDP) An opportunity to express our values and visions on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.
How to Feel A readable study of how we lost our sense of touch and our ability to feel.
Embers Short morning meditations of Indigenous spiritual wisdom.
Embers What it means to recover.
God’s Great Story and You On conscious cooperation with God to bring about God’s dream for creation.
Sensitive Is the New Strong How to recharge by saying “no” when you don't want to do something.
Sovereign Self Teachings that help us find the inherent value in ourselves as a Self — a vessel of divine activity.
The Seeker and the Monk A wise encounter between a twenty-first century Black spiritual writer and the famous white Catholic monk.
Faith After Doubt Brian McLaren on how we can rewrite our brains for solidarity by giving up supremacy.
Soul An animated masterpiece about a soul's adventure that will get you thinking and talking about life and the afterlife, your passions and purpose, and the spark that sets it all going.