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Big Breath Endearing watercolor illustrations and gentle instructions for breathing in spaciousness and light.
Maybe Tomorrow? A book about the power of patient friendship to lessen our sorrows.
Today I Feel . . . A cleverly illustrated children's book that helps build a vocabulary of feelings.
Visiting Feelings An impressive explanation for children of how they can use their imaginations and mindfulness to work with their emotions.
A Day at the Farm An enchanting tour for young children of a small farm.
Open Very Carefully An inventive and very funny children's book about a crocodile on the loose.
My Friend Is Sad A delightful children's book about how true friendship means being present to those who are sad rather than trying to change them.
Is Was A gateway between present and past that shows their intimate connection.
Alphabreaths Simple breath practices invented by kids and endearingly illustrated.
Zayde Comes to Live A profound children's primer on death, grief, and harvesting memories.
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