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Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Wrapped in A Holy Flame He had a beautiful sense of compassion
Communion, Community, Commonweal A teaching scene of responding to the tears of a loved one and of the world with love and compassion.
Anonymous , The Last Word I sat down and helped her cry
Finding the Blue Sky A teaching story about the benefits of meditation.
Confusion Arises as Wisdom Ringu Tulku on courage or fearlessness as the seedbed for compassion.
The Holy Longing Ronald Rolheiser on how our prayers need our flesh to back them up.
A Look at Modern Social Issues Venerable Master Hsing Yun on the spiritual practice of compassion as related to organ donation
The Spiritual Firepower of Empathy A teaching story about the empathy of a noble and tender heart.
Treat Yourself Reflections on a lack of self-esteem and the need to be more compassionate towards one's self.
The Friends We Keep A wake-up call to Christian communities across the world to practice reverence, hospitality, and compassion toward animals.