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Zen Happiness Charmingly illustrated aphorisms that bring forth joy.
Joy A heartwarming story about giving a loved one a whoosh of joy.
Marilyn's Monster A little girl's quest for a monster of her own.
A is for Awesome An optimistic and upbeat alphabet of affirmations for children.
The Boy Who Didn't Want to Be Sad A cathartic children's picture book about working with sadness as a passport into the kingdom of happiness.
My Blue Is Happy A delicious children's picture book about colors, which we recommend with unmixed delight.
Every Little Thing A feel-good song by Bob Marley made into a feel-good children's picture book.
Jeremy's Dreidel A children's picture book about how bringing joy to others is a real treat as both a private or communal activity.
Hanukkah Haiku Haiku poetry combined with exquisite paintings in this enchanting children's book make the celebration of Hanukkah a total delight.
Lara's First Christmas A charming tale about faith and the opening of one's heart.