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Edgar Wants to Be Alone Clever story that shows we can be our own worst enemies.
The Almost Fearless Hamilton Squidlegger A children's book about creating fearlessness by befriending the monsters of the night.
If I Had My Way . . . A children's book that nips in the bud the problem of thinking you can always get what you want.
Bear in Pink Underwear A whimsical children's book shows how people can ridicule you one minute and then praise you the next.
The Want Monsters A delightful spiritual parable about wants, embracing the greedy self, and befriending our troublesome emotions.
The Black Rabbit A gem of a children's picture book by a talented English writer and illustrator who does a commendable job dealing with a rabbit and his shadow.
There's No Such Thing as Monsters! An enticing tale about the fears that create monsters in our minds and keep us from sleeping peacefully.