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Peace, Bugs, and Understanding Story about how two children learn to transform anger into lovingkindness.
Changes Poems on the seasons that provide pleasure and enchantment.
Nibbles' Garden A fetching tale about the spiritual firepower of creativity and transformation.
I Feel Five! Touching story about a little boy's disappointment that fifth birthday doesn't seem to bring any genuine change into his life.
Say Hello, Lily The story of a shy little Jewish girl's transformation after making friends at Shalom House, a place for older people.
Is It Big or Is It Little? A spiffy children's story about the scary world that's out there where things can be turned around in a blink.
A Stone for Sascha A centuries-long biography of a meteorite that brings cosmic perspective to a young girl's grief.
But What If? A children's picture book about a little girl who learns from her grandfather how to look on the bright side.
Steps and Stones An elegant children's teaching story about Thich Nhat Hanh's practice of befriending one's anger.
The Fox in the Library A humorous children's picture book that salutes the pleasures of books and reading.