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This Is Getting Old Susan Moon on how conscious aging helps us deal with the fear of missing something and brings us back to the present moment.
Barbara Cawthorne Crafton in Meditations on the Book of Psalms What a gold mine of unused time we have
Waiting Practicing being present.
Buddhism Is Not What You Think Steve Hagen on the importance of attending to the present moment by not trying to change or control things.
Statio Pausing in the moments between moments.
Full Upright and Locked Position A thought-provoking look at the challenges facing the airline industry.
Attending to the Ordinary Zen's thorough focus on the task at hand.
Coffee with the Buddha Joan Duncan Oliver's imaginary dialogue with the Buddha on being present.
Pain Is Simply Pain Accepting painful moments.
The Zen Commandments Dean Sluyter on coming into the present moment thanks to a window washer.