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The Messenger An emotionally affecting drama about the birth of compassion in an Iraq war hero assigned to work for the Casualty Notification Office.
Motherland Afghanistan An engrossing documentary about a compassionate doctor trying to make a difference in Afghanistan which has the second highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world.
The City Four stories of Latin American immigrants living in New York City that activate the energies of the heart.
War Photographer An engrossing portrait of James Nachtwey, a single-minded artist of compassion, vision, and idealism who for twenty years has put himself in danger to give voice to those in peril.
Damien An extraordinary one-man drama about the ministry of a priest who put his life on the line for the lepers isolated on Molokai island in Hawaii.
The Cup An endearing drama, set in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, about loving others and giving up one's attachments.
Three Kings Spits in the face of war and salutes creative compassion as a healing balm.
Twilight In the diminishment of his life, an elder nurtures magnanimity and wears it well.
Longtime Companion Helps us understand the bravery and gallantry of those who have been forced in the prime of life to confront death and grief.
The Elephant Man Based on a true account of the disfigured nineteenth-century Englishman, reveals the potential of the human spirit to transcend genetic impairments.