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Kirtan Nation An impressive set of kirtan music by a variety of artists.
A Brush with God A one-step guide to icon painting from an accomplished American iconographer.
One Song The poetry of Rumi showcased with enchanting art accompanied by a CD with musical renditions of the Sufi mystic's verse.
Samye A stunning collection of 150 original color photographs of this sacred site.
Buddha A breathtakingly beautiful collection of photographs of sculptures and carvings throughout Asia.
The Open Door An exploration of the meaning of these paintings in the Orthodox tradition.
Meeting God An absolutely stunning and illuminating book that captures Hindu belief and practice.
Buddha and Christ An impressive collection of 120 images of Buddhist and Christian iconography.
Buddha in the Landscape A beautifully designed devotional resource.
The Living Cathedral of St. John the Divine A succinct and edifying portrait of the art, architecture, and outreach of this legendary institution.