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Results for "practice: Enthusiasm"
Every Day, Holy Day Alan Morinis with Mussar teachings and practices on enthusiasm.
Second Wind Bill Thomas on enthusiastically exploring the undiscovered country of aging.
These Are the Words Arthur Green on hitlahavut, moments of ecstasy during Jewish prayer.
Waking the Buddha Clark Strand on how Soka Gakkai embraces a full range of life's enthusiasms.
Exuberance Kay Redfield Jamison with a lively and imaginative treatment of exuberance.
The Music of Angels Overview of 2000 years of sacred music.
A Circle of Friends Robert J. Wicks and Robert M. Hamma on cheerleaders as a model for enthusiastic friends.
God's Trombones Contains homilies on the flood, the crucifixion, and judgement day.
Spirited Men Brian Doyle on William Blake's enthusiasm.
Aspire Kevin Hall on those who inspire and encourage as great givers and appreciators.