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Making a Faith Dossier Encouragement to deepen your self-knowledge through your outer and inner experience of religion and spirituality.
Your G*d Experiences A reflection on your experience of G*d.
Faith An affirmation and visualization exercise for resting and trusting in the light of your heart.
Robert J. Wicks in Everyday Simplicity We need a faith community of friends
Living By Your Affirmations & Imagination Bruce G. Epperly on concretizing faith.
Edward Hays in Prayer Notes to a Friend The next time you feel that fate, life or God has given you some impossible mission
The Desire to Please You Trappist monk Thomas Merton's prayer for trust and guidance.
Some Skin Ideas for putting some skin in the game of developing faith.
Affirmations Relevant and accessible affirmations to help Christians and others put their faith into action.
Turn Hardships into Blessings Painful events come to teach us to grow.